Linnanmäki Toy and Play Museum

Gross floor area: 1,470 sqm
Year: 1990 (project)

Linnanmäki Amusement Park planned on expanding their activities by building a year-round toy and play museum on the southern skirts of the park. In addition to the museum the project included planning the entrance to the park. The development plan made for the park in 1985 worked as foundation for the planning.

The museum and entrance arrangements were meant to improve the connection of the park to the surrounding park areas. Similar museums in Europe operate in old buildings, so the project of building a new museum building acted as a benchmark.

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The Ice Sport Centre of Myllypuro

Helsinki, 2010
Preliminary design 17,500 sqm

Myllypuro Ice Sport Centre is planned for the needs of speed-skating, figure-skating and public skating. The Centre is supposed to operate as an arena for elite competitions. For arranging such competitions the conditions need to be optimal from November to March.

The building is divided in two parts: the ice rinks are located in the one-storeyed-part with stands for 1725 people. The ice rinks are sized according to skating union directives and the stands are divided in three sections, of which one is movable. The service spaces such as lobby services, offices, gyms and dressing rooms are located in the three-storeyed-part of the building.

General plan for Leppävaara sports area

Espoo, 2002

There is a lido adjacent to the existing swimming hall, an ice stadium and a multipurpose sports hall in the plan of Leppävaara sports area. The general plan also consisted of planning other buildings in the park, vegetation, lighting, furnishing and the use of materials. The plan wanted to emphasize the old cultural landscape, which is divided between vast fields and woody hills. The eastern part of the area is like a city garden which is connected to the cityscape, and the western part is more like a natural parkland with its old fields.

General plan for Käpylä sports area

Helsinki, 2002

The plan for Käpylä sports area aimed at defining future guidelines for the park for town planning. The task included looking into possibilities of roofing the velodrome and preliminary planning of Mäkelänrinne swimming and ball games hall.

The park was planned as an open landscape, where the vast grass field dominates the view. The main idea was to achieve an active park, which is open for public and connected to the green belt stretching from Vantaanjoki river valley to Kumpula, Käpylä and further to the Central Park.

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