Vuosaari Centre idea plan and housing block plan
Helsinki 2004, 12 000 sqm

Vuosaari Valkopaadentie Commercial and Office Building Mosaiikki
Helsinki 2007-08

The aim of the planning was to create a coherent whole of the townscape and define functional planning principles for different areas. The result was an idea plan for central public spaces and not yet constructed city blocks to be used as the foundation for town planning.

Land use study for Töölönlahti music hall

Year: 1997
Extension: n. 32,000 brm2

The land use study surveyed different scales of the music hall situated in different parts of the Töölönlahti area. The study also worked as a starting point for programming the architectural competition for the music hall. All locations were studied with different scales, of which the largest includes spaces for the Sibelius Academy, the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra and Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra with two concert halls, information centre, restaurant and commercial space.

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Development plan of the Linnanmäki Amusement park area

Linnanmäki Amusement Park, Helsinki
Year: 1995

Linnanmäki surroundings development plan studied options for emphasizing the amusement park in the cityscape and diversifying the activities around the park. The availability was improved with a new entrance on Töölönlahti level, which is connected to the recreational trail around Töölönlahti. The entrance building in connected to an aquarium, which is located under the railway, and leads to a scenic lift and bridge to the amusement park.

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