Kainuu Music College

Extension of Kaukametsä Cultural Centre
Year of completion: 1998
Extension: 3,600 sqm

The extension is the most recent addition to the Cultural Centre complex in the town of Kajaani and is used mainly by the music college. It has an internal connection to the older part of the Kaukametsä Cultural Centre.

The heart of the building is the lobby, which both connects the larger spaces during major events and independently provides space for various public events, audiovisual performances, and music.

The facades are bagged white, covered with copper sheets, or glazed and sand-blasted, and interspersed with timber. Interior materials include natural stone (Öland limestone, and white Carrara marble providing reflective surface for the lobby), smoothfaced concrete, wood, and glass.

Kaukametsä Cultural Centre

General plan: 2,5000 sqm, 1984
Open college: 2,300 sqm, completed 1987
Concert and congress hall: 2,850 sqm, completed 1988

Kaukametsä Cultural Centre in Kajaani was built over the years 1987 to 1998 after an architectural completion in 1984. The Centre is located by the Kajaani River in Northern Finland and comprises now of the Concert and Congress Hall, the Community College and the Music College. An internal connection between the buildings ensures that this complex is catering for various cultural activities and functions.

The buildings facades have slight variations and material choices that give them an identity yet reinforce a feeling of continuity. Materials vary from white render, natural stone and yellow brick to copper and sandblasted glass details with hints of natural wood. The interiors are designed to complement natural materials, such as limestone, marble and red beech. The furniture and light fittings are also designed especially for these buildings so that everything forms a complete continuum within the cultural complex.

Community College

Year ofcompletion: 1987
Client: Kajaanin kaupunki
Gross floor area: 1,300 sqm

The Community College houses spaces for adult education. Most of the classrooms are two storey high studio rooms for visual art education. There is also an 80 seat lecture hall and a 500 person outdoor auditorium.

Concert and Congress Centre

Year of completion: 1988
Client: Kajaanin kaupunki
Gross floor area: 2,850 sqm

The Concert Hall seating 500 is suitable for speech and concert use. The stage space and technology can be adapted for various uses from intimate theatre to opera. The internal connections with the other buildings of the complex ensures that versatile functions of any size can be catered for.

The architects received the Government Architecture and City Planning medal for this design in 1988.

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