Legal and Police Centre

Year of completion: 1992
Gross floor area: 11,700 sqm

The building site occupies a central position in the townscape. In the first stage of building, the aim was to create a building which would unify the space around the theatre square, while clearly displaying the elevation of a public building towards the town hall. The legal and police administration have separate entrances. Movement inside both units and their respective public spaces is also structured around separate vertical connections. There is a high lobby which forms the lively core of the building, with the joint meeting rooms, court rooms and waiting rooms, and the largest and busiest public facilities, positioned around it. The public facilities in the first and second floor galleries open on the central lobby and entrance hall. The court rooms are grouped as a dominant block, clearly separated from the rest of the building.

Office Centre

Year of completion: 1992
Gross floor area: 3,595 sqm (1. phase), 10,600 sqm (general plan)

The idea was to create a coherent complex of public buildings out of the new government office centre and the existing town hall. The urban space was emphasized by delimiting the street space and placing a park-like series of open squares surrounded by building masses in the centre of the office block. A two-level entrance terrace that also serves as a meeting place for citizens was placed at the entrance to the office centre. There is a non-vehicular traffic connection through the central park area to the town hall. The round building mass clearly visible in the townscape highlights the assembly hall and entrance foyer, creating a powerful positive symbol for the court and office building.

Office Building for A-Lehdet

Naurissaari, Helsinki
1st prize in invited competition, 1998
Year of completion: 2003
Gross floor area: 13,000 sqm

The building is located by the seaside and it has excellent views to surroundings. The main objective was to take benefit this situation. The office spaces are located in four levels and four separate blocks which are combined by bridges under the same roof. The atrium is coated with glass roof and its wooden walls create human and warm interior. On the first floor there are the main entrance, the lobby, cafeteria, auditorium and reception spaces.

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